About le moi.

I have been exploring the creative realm since 2008. With 14 years experience working with major agencies in Mauritius and working with some great brands across the world.

My creative journey

Coming from a family where everyone is in the financial sector I was onto the same path when I decided to explore a different avenue. I graduated from the AAA School of Advertising (S.A) with major in Visual Communications, Creative Branding and Marketing in Advertising….though I firmly believe that most of my skills were self taught. 

I worked with several agencies in the country and I’m currently the Digital Creative Director of TCA. 

2008 - Graduated

AAA School of Advertising - Visual Communication, Creative Branding & Marketing in Advertising

2010 - Marcom

Graphic Designer

2014 - Publico Creative

Senior Art Director

2019 - Present - TCA

Digital Creative Director

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